How to remove scars easily

In normal cases, the treatment is quite tolerable. The procedure is accompanied by a feeling of slight burning sensation or tingling. If you absolutely can not stand the pain or just do not want to experience any physical discomfort, we can offer you a local anesthetic gel actions. how to get rid of scar at home

Laser resurfacing of the face – maybe – there side effects? Only properly selected parameters influence a lot of experience of doctors and patient compliance of all recommendations of the doctor, may negate those side effects that could – would occur during treatment.

Scar removalHow much time should elapse between treatments? In a typical effect on scar tissue fractional CO2 laser optimum time between treatments is 4-6 weeks. A more aggressive exposure (very deep atrophic scars) intervals between sessions can be increased.

How long should treatments to get rid of scars? The number of treatments depends on the type of scar severity of his skin and the individual ability of tissues to regenerate. For example, facial scar removal will be more efficient than on the inner side of the forearm. The exact number of procedures before treatment is almost impossible to predict the outcome and possible only after the first procedure. Deleting a slight superficial scars laser can occur in just 2-3 treatments, while for deep and extensive defects sometimes takes up to 10 treatment sessions. click here